Paul Selby 1000km Circuit Race - 1998

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Following the end of the 1997 circuit races at Ruimsig, (the day after, to be exact), two of the organisers, George Archer and Guy Drew were sitting in the lap counting tunnel underneath the concrete grandstand surveying the aftermath of a week of circuit racing. George had finished in 7th position with 526km while Guy had 'finished' last with 304km, apparently claiming to have confused this distance with the official required minimum distance of 403km.

Several runners had now completed three 6 Day Races to gain their permanent numbers and it was not expected that anybody would return for a fourth run ( a very inaccurate expectation as it turned out to be).

One of the two ( neither admits liability) mentioned the words "1000km" and the other said "who on earth is going to run around in circles for 1000km?" and so the race was conceived.

Putting on a race for 14 days for a very small field is not cheap and it looked like the race would not see the light of day had not Paul Selby, gentleman of the road and mastermind of the 1000km Challenge, generously offered to sponsor the race.

Eric Wright, two times winner of the 6 Day race, was first across the 1000km barrier tape, conveniently finishing shortly after 3:23 am one morning, while Quinton Strydom had everybody biting their nails as he reached 1000km on the 14th day with less than 4 hours to spare.

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