Trevor Forsythe Memorial Ten Day Circuit Race 2010
101 Linda Engelbrecht uMhlathuze A.C KZN ZA F 45-49 W
Linda seems to run an unofficial Circuit Race entry recruitment agency. uMhlathuze looks like being the biggest single club in 2010.
Despite having been actively walking for a relatively short five years, Linda has walked to the finish in three 100km events, a 100 Miler, four 12 Hour, three 18 Hour and two 24 Hour races.
Off the road, Mont Aux Sources has been conquered together with the Odyssey. Halfway between the road and off the road are the two George Archer Six Day events in 2008 and 2009. Finishing the Six Day Race is a challenge in itself with happy feet, finishing while rolling on big blisters takes added determination.
102 Eric Wright Rand Road Warriors CGA ZA M 50-54 R
One of Eric's philosophies is "No regrets". After swopping running for football about 20 years ago, kilometers over the years certainly seems to be one of the methods.
300 (or maybe 400) marathons and short ultras, 28 Comrades, no 100km, but 45 100 Milers, twelve Six Day events and a collection of 12,24 and 48 hour races form the evidence.
Eric is one of the two entrants in this event who also completed the 1000km Circuit Race at Ruimsig in 1998, leading the field to 1st place in just over 7 days and 13 hours.
103 Barbara Timms Johannesburg Harriers A.C CGA ZA F 35-39 R
Barbara has that gift which is the envy of many other runners - successfully completing ultradistance and shorter events with next to no additional training apart from the weekend runs.
Eight Comrades, three 12 Hours, four 24 hours and a permanent number for the Six Day led to Barbara coming out of self-imposed Circuit Race retirement ("I'm never going to do another one") to tackle the Ten Day.
The first attempt at the Golden Reef 100 Miler led to a 23:17 finish in 6th position.
104 Stuart Wainwright Varsity Kudus CGA ZA M 21-34 R
When Stuart first entered the 6 Day Race in 2008, he was the youngest competitor ,at 23, to do so since the races inception in 1995. There were some doubts and concerns voiced but Stuart sounded quite cheerful and confident. He finished in 12 position, having completed 450km after five days and 5 hours.
In 2009, he upped the intensity to finish 2nd with 606km including a 3:30 lap split on his 600th lap.
After a short(ish) 5 years of running, Stuart starts with approx 130 42's, 50's and 56's, almost a dozen 12 Hours (not including the four Comrades), nine 100 Milers including the Addo. Off the road, there are the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathons, the 140km Skyrun, the Hell-run...
105 Tobie Reyneke Magnolia Road Runners AGN ZA M 35-39 R
Tobie says upfront that this is his first multi-day race and has only been running for two years. In that short time, however, he has completed more than twenty marathons and ultramarathons (50's and 56's) as well as Comrades, two 100km's and a pair of 100 Milers.
With a recent marathon tine of 3:45, Tobie wants to take this opportunity to push the limits further.
106 Susan Hurter A.S Eagles GN ZA F 45-49 R
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107 K-G Nystrom Vi Som Springer Sweden M 70-74 R
K-G started running in 1952, took a twelve year breather from 1970-1982, then continued until now to collect over 750 42's, 50's and 56's. He doesn't have a recent 42km time as he hasn't run anything that short recently!
K-G has completed thirty-eight 24 hour events, nine 6 Day's and many other ultra's on foot.
Off the running road, he has the Swiss Alpine Mountain Race, 24 hour cycling, skiing and ice skating events. During the inbetween times (if there have been any), K-G has been the race director for over 200 events.
108 Corrie Spies Queensburgh Harriers KZN ZA F 55-59 W
Corrie is a registered walker and manages a sub-6 hour marathon. She has competed in many 12-24 hour endurance events and has exceeded the 100km barrier.
109 Khaya Mahlati Durban Athletic Club KZN ZA F 44-49 R
In 2009, after taking an 60km easy day on Day 5 of the Six Day Race, Khaya decided to chase the 350 Mile distance again on day 6 and powered around the circuit until the whistle to complete 121km on Day 6.
Twelve Comrades, five 100 Milers, many 12 Hours, and too many shorter events to mention should come in handy.
We'll find out afterwards if a 10 Day Race is less or more demanding than summiting Mt Kilimanjaro.
110 Mike Nel Fit 2000 CG ZA M 45-49 W
Mike has been away from these Circuit Events for six years, having completed his 5th 6 Day Race in 2004.
At the starting age of 47, Mike has completed 27 Comrades, about fifteen 100 Milers and too many 42's, 50's and 56's to mention on one piece of paper.
The id pic is 10 years old...has anything changed? Wait and see
111 Sharon Calitz S.A.P Striders KZN ZA F xx-xx W
Goal #1 might be to remember the promise not to come back (again) but blisters and heat are evidently not enough of a deterrent.
Sharon is an allrounder, equally at home cycling 100's of km, swimming across miles of open water and footing up the Sani Pass and other bumpy trail routes.
Half of the (in)famous Blister Sisters team, it's probably useful to know that if you run out of petrol en route to anywhere and you have enough blister-popping needles, you can get out and walk the rest of the way.
112 Adele Bazley S.A.P Striders KZN ZA F 40-44 W
Adele visited Hekpoort in 2009 to complete the Six Day Circuit Race with a couple of blisters and alternative footwear.
Adeles feet have probably spent more time off the road following mountain trails than on the tarmac and also covered 620km from Estcourt to Port Shepstone during the 16 Days of Activism Walk.
113 Michelle Fookwe Pick 'n Pay(WP) WP ZA F 40-44 R
Michelle had her first outing at Hekpoort in 2009 when she succesfully completed the Six Day Race.
Michelle has also completed several 100km's, 100 Milers, canoe Ironmans, the Tuffer Puffer a 160km trail race) and many other endurance events during the last eight years.
The qualifier for this event was a sub-24 hour 100 Miler on the Midlands route which is anything but flat or easy.
114 George Archer Jhb Harriers CGA ZA M 60-64 R
At the beginning of the year, there seemed to be zero hope of being able to complete 5km, let alone 10 Days. The dreaded bladder enemies reared their heads again and George spent Christmas day flat on his back(in between writhing when the pain spiked in).
Not one to give up without a fight, and with the help of lots of liters of water, George rose again to face up to enemy no #2 buried deep in the lower calf muscles. After interacting with a medical person whose task is to relieve your current level of discomfort by using their thumbs, knuckles, elbows and feet to send your pain levels to alltime highs, even that obstacle seems to be gone.
33 years of ultradistance running is still stored in the skeleton somewhere and with a bit of luck, it will make itself felt this year.
115 Retha Theunissen Fit 2000 CG ZA F 35-39 R
Retha has been competing for 14 years and completed nine Comrades marathons, two 100 Milers and a collection of 12 and 24 hour races.
This includes the Randburg 24 Hour in 2005. Retha has more than 100 'shorter' events between 42 and 56km.
116 Vanessa Wayland Golden Reef Road Runners CG ZA F 40-44 R
Vanessa has been running for about 7 years and in that time has completed seven Comrades and six 100 Milers. Although not mentioned on the entry form, several of the 100 Milers have been 1st places.
It is the chellenge of the 10 Day race, rather than the doubtful pleasure of taking part, that seems to have brought Vanessa back following last years 4 day and 1 hour cruise to 403km in the 6 Day race.
117 Marthie Brits Chappies CG ZA F 45-49 R
Marthie has turned into a prolific runner during the last few years (which seems to happen when you get caught up in the 1000Km Challenge.
From small beginnings at the Randburg-based 6 Day event, Marthie managed 470km in last years event. Entrants would do well to take a closer look at the hat which is probably the most ideal way of not burning up in Hekpoort.
118 Keith Solomon Pinelands WP ZA M xx-xx R
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