Jannas 18 Hour Relay High Schools

Last update 18 April 2016

This event was run for the 10th year in 2010. It was originally planned as a relay event for primary schools as an 8 hour event.
The high schools wanted to join in so an 18 hour event was added and the 8 hour relay was extended to 9 hours. Then came teachers teams and outside relay teams, individuals and walkers.

Each relay team has 10 runners. In 2004, the winning high school clocked 296 laps (of 1km each) in the 18 hours which averages sub 4 min/km for the 18 hours.

In 2008, a new 9 hour category was added for the high schools

Results 2001-2015 High Schools 18 hours

Results 2008-15 High Schools 9 hours

Primary School Relay