How does the 201,0km Circuit Event work?
5 March 2010

There are two ways to enter this event - either way requires you to complete 201,0km to be an official finisher.
You will complete your distance on a measured and marked 1000m circuit.

The Take-it-Easy event allows you 5 (Five) days to do it.
Starting from 10:00am on Tuesday 30th March, you can come and go as you please
and finish your 201,0km in whatever size instalments you choose.

There are many walkers and runners-who-become-walkers who are indirectly prevented
from ever going beyond 60-100km in a single event because of the time limits placed on
the usual races of 12-13 hours.
They would never be able to experience the feeling of personal satisfaction that goes with
reaching the magic distance of 100 Miles, even less so the feeling of breaking the 200km barrier.

In 2010, for one year only, the Hekpoort 201,0km will open a window of opportunity.

NOTE WELL.(Nota Bena) (N.B.)
In the Take-It-Easy, you compete against YOURSELF and the CLOCK.
There are no 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last positions.
If you manage the distance somewhere within the 5 day cutoff, you are a winner.
If this event helps you to better your Comrades time by 30 minutes, you will be a winner twice.
If finishing this event makes you feel really goods, you will be a winner three times.

The Race-It version starts on Friday 2nd April and allows you 48 hours to cover the same distance.
If you are into competing for positions, this is the race for you.
Effectively, it is a pair of back-to-back Comrades Marathons with a half thrown in to warm down.
Be warned - you aren't going to get a lot of sleep.
Prizegiving takes place shortly afterwards.

The following day (Monday) is a public holiday .