Five Days Five Marathons
5 March 2010

The original idea of the 201,0km was to link up with the year 2010.
Quite late in the day, we have had an additional thought which still involves 2's and 1's.
201km is quite close to 211km which happens to be the distance of five standard 42,2km marathons.
There are also five days worth of time to do this in.

"5 Marathons, 5 Days" is more than likely going to appear on the T-shirt.
You will still be a finisher if you stop at 201,0km but if you would like to become one with your T-shirt, then add an extra 2km to your daily km budget.
For purposes of the 1000km Challenge, any distance from 201,0 up to 211km will be allowed.
You do not have to complete exactly 42km on each of the 5 days. It's the overall total that counts.

When it's all over and you've forgotten the agony and blisters and chafing (July), you can look back and realise that you finshed 5 rather than 4.7857 marathons during the 5 days.
The only restriction is that you cannot refer to your achievement as being 5 separate marathon events - it remains one ultradistance event.