The 2010 Hekpoort 201,0km Circuit Race
On the start line
201 Dave Coetzee Run Walk for Life KZN (Queensburgh) KZN ZA M 45-49 R
Dave was the first race enquiry (and subsequent entry) in 2009.
He has been on the road and the trails for 10 years and made it through the Rhodes and the Sani Stagger six times.
Dave has also been through two 12 hour events as well as the Dolphin and Gaterite Ultra's.
202 Brian Marshall Fit 2000 CGA ZA M 50-54 W
Brian has been a familiar figure over the last few years after completing his transistion from registered Runner to registered Walker.
He recently walked his way to the top of the 1000km Challenge and during the last 25 years, Brian has completed eighteen 100 Milers, 14 Comrades, the Sri Chimnoy Ten Day Race in new York and a collection of "shorter" 12,24 and 48 Hour events.
In 2003, and needing a sub-24 Hour 100 Miler as a qualifier for the Western States 100 Miler, Brian completed his 100 miles on Day 1 of the Randburg 6 Day Race and then went on a 4 Day "take-it-slightly-easier" to finish up.

203 Denise Taylor Irene AGN ZA F 60-64 W
Denise has also been a familiar site in the famous light green colours of Irene Road Runners over the last 13 years. During this time, Denise has crossed the line in eight 12 Hour events, four at the Randfontein based Jannas circuit as well as a 24 hour and a 100km.
The 12 Hour events include the Paul Selby circuits some of which seemed to take place up and down the side of a mountain at the Bishop Bavin School.
The crosscountry practice should help with the grass track and on top of it all, Denise is also a blood donor.
204 Bronwyn Burns Varsity Kudus CGA ZA F 21-34 R
Bronwyn is not a stranger to the Hekpoort track, having been around a fair number of laps with Stuart during the last Six Day Race.
She is still in the league of sub 4:30 marathons and sub-11 hour Comrades and has also completed ten 10 42's and other ultra's as well as 12 & 24 hour races all in the short space of two years.
205 Yolandi Maree Sasolburg FS ZA M 21-34 R
Yolandi is the first half of couple no.2 in this event.
Having been on the road for almost four years, Yolandi cruises to the end of marathons in under five hours and has also taken part in two 12 Hour events.
206 Charl Maree Sasolburg FS ZA M 21-34 R
We don't know if Yolandi dragged Charl in or the other way around but they will be the first Sasolburg runners to take part in one of the Hekpoort events. Both Yolandi and Charl have been on the road for almost 4 years and Charl has also completed two 12 Hour events in mPumalanga.
207 Mariska Botha uMhlathuze KZN ZA F 35-39 R
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208 Derick Moor uMhlathuze KZN ZA M 35-39 R
Derick has unknowingly volunteered to be a live human experiment in this special event. He has been running for about two years but mostly on shorter distances, sometimes twice a day.
We have experienced only good quality from uMhlathuze Running Club in the 6 Day Races so with the added knowledge that Derick hangs on to a task like a Jack Russell and is also a blood donor, we agreed to a live (but hopefully not destructive) human testing experiment for five days.
Since entering, Derick has jumped into hard training with both feet.
209 Hettie Fourie Fit 2000 CGA ZA F 45-49 W
Hettie has been out with Gerhard (on the road) for about 7 years and managed seven Vasbyt walks and five Jannas 18 Hour Circuits some of which have been in really miserable windy & wet conditions.
Hettie also finished the 12 Hour Circuit Race and walked the Bay ultra in just over seven hours as well as another bunch of standard and ultra's.
210 Gerhard Fourie Fit 2000 CGA ZA M 45-49 W
After 15 years, Gerhard is proof that being an official walker doesn't have to restrict your achievements, With more than sixty 42's, 50's and 56's, a sub 6 hour marathon, 12 and 24 Hour Circuits, no distance seems to be too far.
Gerhard has also walked a Comrades and completed three Six Day races and seven Vasbyt walks. Although this will be the first official race entry at Hekpoort, he has been around the track in a seconding capacity.
Ten years in the 1000km Challenge going on no 11.....
211 Nola Joubert Run Walk for Life CGA CGA ZA F 50-54 W
Nola is the first half of one of the three couples in this event.
She has been walking for about five years including 3 12-hour events and 3 18-Hour circuits.
Nola has a 6:05 marathon time which is not that much slower than quite a few runners.
212 Pieter Joubert Run Walk for Life CGA CGA ZA M 55-59 R
Pieter is half no. 2 of couple no 1.
Having been on the road for about two years, Pieter has a 4:36 marathon to his credit as well as two 12 hour events and the Jannas 18 Hour.
213 Guy Drew Randburg Harriers CGA ZA M 50-54 R
Not the most trained "runner" on the track, some fairly recent ultradistance attempts include two failed/bailed Golden Reef 100 Milers (at 132km after only 20 hours and at 154km after only 25 hours), some completed 56km's and a sub-12 Comrades.
After 25 years on the road, 50 minutes in the Midmar Dam and clutching a ten year old permanent number 17 for the Six Day Race, he is nevertheless convinced that this is the year for records to tumble and that 5th 100 Miler to be ticked off the to-do-list 20 years down the line.
214 Dot Van Heerden Fit 2000 CGA ZA F 65-69 W
Dot has been roadwalking for almost 5 years but has been on trails for about twenty. Recent achievements include a walked standard 42km in 6:17 as well as five 12 hour and two 18 hour Circuit races.
Off the beaten track, Dot has covered six Otter trails and three Fish River Canyons.
Also an avid 1000km Challenge participant, from 886km in 2006, Dot almost doubled that to 1628km the following year and then peaked at 1802km in 2008.
215 Frances Steel X CG ZA F 65-69 W
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216 Mike Henning Krugersdorp RRC CGA ZA M 40-44 R
Having been running for ten years, it seems that the Millenium edition Comrades Marathon got Mike hooked on long distance travelling without an engine.
Over the last decade, Mike has been through five 100km's including the Amatola, the Addo 100 Miler, the Wild Coast 267km and the Augrabies 250km. Also under the belt is an Ironman, Ultraman, the Cape Argus and the 94.7
217 Rina Bekker Sunninghill Striders CGA ZA F 65-69 W
Rina is one of the familiar faces who always seem to appear at the long-distance circuit races. While never having been in an official standard marathon, Rina has taken part in 12, 18 and 24 hour races (four each) during the last ten years as well as a couple of 50km's and a Sani Stagger.
When this event was conceived, Rina was exactly the type of athlete to who we wanted to make the opportunity available to break beyond the normal distance barriers.
218 Wayne Engelbrecht Roodepoort CGA ZA M 35-39 R
Wayne has been on the road for 10 years and completed four 6 Day races, holding permanent number 42 for the George Archer 6 Day.
5 Comrades, a 100 Miler, three 100km's, five 18 Hour Circuits, two 12 Hours point to Wayne being a seasoned circuiter. A 3:50 marathon time is in reserve in case a last minute dash is needed.
219 Anna Loots Queensburgh Harriers KZN ZA F 35-39 R
KZN looks set to be the biggest supplier of entrants for the 201,0km.
Anna has been running for three years and has completed a 12 Hour race and a shorter ultramarathon. She is up for the challenge and has, possibly unintentionally come up with a question that should have been on all the entry forms
i.e. "Do you know what you are getting yourself into? (Y/N)
220 Paul Selby Fit 2000 CGA ZA M 60-64 R
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221 Lesley Vermeulen Coaldust MP ZA F 50-54 R
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222 Neels Vermeulen Coaldust MP ZA M 60-64 R

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223 Abie Smit Coaldust MP ZA M 50-54 R
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224 Keith Levenstein Varsity Kudus CGA ZA M 50-54 R
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225 Dalene Gous x KZN ZA F xx-xx X
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226 Maurice Archer Jhb Harriers CGA ZA M 50-54 R
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227 Sonia Baumann uMhlathuze KZN ZA F xx-xx W
This club must have interesting ingredients in their tea which causes so many to sign up for this event.
This particular entrant felt her arm being twisted round about November last year and was a bit concerned about having to cover 201,1km. However, after learning that the distance was only 201,0km, Sonia heaved a sigh of relief.
228 Kelcey Coetzee uMhlathuze KZN ZA F 51-54 W
Yet another contestant from uMhlathuze, Kelcey has been at it for about three years, taking part in two 12 Hour races and a number of shorter standard and ultramarathon events.
Trailrunning seems to be quite popular in that area of KZN and the mFuli Mountain Challenge is on the experience list. Kelcey was also part of the two-person team that won the Port Shepstone Odyssey.
229 Loretta Rossouw X x ZA F x-xx W
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230 Willem Lubbinge x GN ZA M 65-69 W
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231 Greg Nerf R.A.C CGA ZA M 40-44 R
Several runners wanted to know if they had to stay until the Sunday for prizegiving, we suspect with an eye on 2 Oceans at the end of the week.
Greg may well be one of them who will pop in to scream around the track for three days and then head off to the airport. Greg has previously screamed around the track for Six Days in 2008 and has probably got the chafing running shorts issued sorted out by now.
Four Comrades, a trail run on the Cape Odyssey and two Iron Mans (Men?) last year clearly show the benefits of being a blood donor.