Fallen Heroes

Ashley Wood Benny Buys Trevor Forsythe

Ashley started running the Circuit Races in 1997 while a member of Florida R.C.
He would normally try to finish the bulk of the distance during the first 5 days so that the 6th day was free for watching cricket or a day out. In 2000, he was awarded permanent number 19.
When the Circuit Races were in danger of faltering, Ashley was instrumental in securing the sponsorship and support of Toyota in 1998. Toyota, remained with the races until 2006.
Ashley took on the role of chief organiser from 2001-2002. During the spring of 2002, after completing a half marathon, Ashley suffered a fatal heart attack.
Benny, an accomplished 100 Miler runner, first joined the 6 Day Race in 2000 after a year or two of not quite getting to the start.
He went on to complete a further three races and earned permanent number 23. Although capable of great distances, he would be prepared to pause his own race to help out a fellow competitor passing through one of those rough patches, even to the extent of strapping somebody elses shinsplinted legs.
Very much a family man, eldest son Victor was always on hand to second Benny, while Lynn kept the tent fires burning. They adopted a stray dog while at the Mpumalanga Circuit Race and named him 6 day. Shortly before Christmas 2004, while restoring a vehicle at home, Benny was victim of a workshop accident.
Trevor never ran a Circuit Race , but with the exception of one year, took part in every one since the first event in 1995 as the night manager and nightowl lapcounter.
Also a top-10 100 miler in his time, Trevor coaxed, encouraged, pushed and clapped runners through tens of thousands of laps during the 10 years. Like the proverbial oasis in the desert, Trevors presence at the end of each lap during the night hours was always something to look forward to, unless you needed to sit down just for a minute, pretending that a stone was stuck in your shoe.
One of Trevor's personal rewards was to hand out the traditional 100 Miler trophies during the race.
In January of 2006, Trevor passed on in his sleep.