George Archer 6 Day Circuit Race 2010
Trevor Forsyth Memorial 10 Day Circuit Race 2010
Hekpoort 201,0km Circuit Race 2010
+ Medical Facilities +
GP Ambulance will be on standby at the venuee 24/24 for the duration of the Ten Day race which includes the time for the
6 Day race and both 201,0km events.

GP Ambulance have been involved with sporting events for decades supporting many ultradistance endurance events including MTBs (Mountain Bikes!)

GP will take care of local medical problems at the race site.

In the case of the medical problem being more serious, the athlete will be transported to the closest hospital/clinic.

If you want to be treated at a private clinic, you must make sure that you have your current medical aid details with you.

Make sure that the race organisers also have these details in the event that you are not able to speak for yourself.

If you have told your next of kin that you are away on a business trip for a week, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids during the race so as to stay out of the medical tent!.

Any costs incurred at the hospital are for your own account- the race organisers do not have spare cash lying around for admission deposit fees.