The Race Route and Venue

This is a miniature version of what the track looked like. The fullscale image belongs to the excellent Google Earth facility. Go there and home in on the following for a more detailed view.
LATITUDE 25deg 52min 14sec SOUTH
LONGITUDE 27deg 37min 26sec EAST

Viewed from the air, it probably resembles a horse racing track with a couple of kinks, twists and turns.
The steepest section of the track leads out of the lapcounting station with a rise of approx 500mm over the first 75m.
The next 425m is a mild downhill with the 100m marker as you come off the bridge.
A 70m u-turn leads to the 600m marker with a mild incline back to the 1000m marker at the counting station. This section includes bends to the left and right.
Somehow, the country atmosphere tempts you to run like a racehorse on day 1, so take care!!!
The surface currently includes paving, grass, and dirt road but this is work in progress and subject to change.

The track falls within a Nature Conservancy area and we don't want to upset nature at night so there are no worldcup sized floodlights as there were at Ruimsig and Randburg but the entire 1000m will be mildly illuminated so that you can still run all night when it is cooler.