Experience is the name we give to our mistakes - Oscar Wilde
April 2015
Maths and Running on the same Website ? They have a lot in common!
1. Both can be difficult to start with
2. Both require determination and practice
3. Both get better the more you practice
4. Both reward you with a warm glowing feeling in your brain
5. Both teach you that you can always go further
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The Maths Mechanic
Sasol Maths Challenge 2015 for Grade 4 to 7
A.N.A (Annual National Assessment) 2014
What needs fixing in our Maths ?
Extra help from The Maths Mechanic
UltraDistance Running in South Africa
6 Day Circuit Race 1995 - 2011
1000km Circuit Race 1998
Hekpoort Circuit Races
Golden Reef 100 Miler